A National Association Promoting Safety at Sea


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The Professional Boatman's Association was formed in 1991 by a group of very worried professional mariners.

The Department of Transport (now The Maritime & Coastguard Agency) proposed to stop charter vessels going more than three miles; this would have prevented thousands of small commercial vessels from operating, with bankruptcy the only likely outcome.

The proposed change was not publicized, but fortunately a few alert operators investigated the `rumor' and were horrified at what they found; this led to a meeting in Dartmouth at which The Professional Boatman's Association was formed.



The P.B.A. instigated and ran a highly successful campaign aimed at persuading the D.O.T. to compile a code of practice for small commercial vessels along the lines of the Sail Training Vessel Code of Practice that was already in force.

The D.O.T. subsequently invited representatives from the P.B.A.,together with other interested parties, to sit on a steering committee.

The result was a very sensible Code of Practice that we now see in use.


The aim of the P.B.A. is to monitor the constant barrage of bureaucracy that we are all under and fight excessive, expensive and damaging legislation whilst always promoting safety and professionalism in our industry.

The P.B.A. has helped many of its members with a wide range of problems, its strength coming from the backing of its many members and a highly professional approach to problem solving.


The Professional Boatmans Association is a member of the Angling Trust